To start talking about Therese Art Chocolate I must start with my inspiration, my mother Theresa was a very special woman; lover of poetry and cultured nature, progressive, artist, a frank, brave woman, owner of a sublime spiritual world, she was a teacher of many children but also a spiritual guide of many people who crossed her path of light. My mother once shared a story with me. This story involved a red thread that connects us as soul mates.And we can never Forget this red thread,as it connects our hearts and forever leaves a mark on our lives. She told me we will always be united by it.This red thread is forever the Constant source of inspiration for Therese Art Chocolate. A red thread, that’s for my mother, she is forever the constant source of inspiration for Therese Chocolate Art.

I am a lawyer and for 15 years I have practiced my profession with immense joy and a vocation dedicated to each of the tasks that I had to face. After developing a spiritual journey that led me to seriously rethink my position in this world and the fleeting nature of our lives and existence, I decided to follow my passion, turn my life around and create something totally different. From my mother I learned sustainable development, caring for the environment and circular development as key concepts, which will allow us to have a fairer and more balanced world. After much research I knew that the perfect product for this process is cocoa. Training in the US, Canada and France I obtained my professional chocolatier certificate. Thanks to the fact that I grew up in a home full of laughter, books, culture and art, I developed in my recipes bold flavors full of flavor, but natural, accompanied by cocoa of 100% organic origin, mix chocolates from various Latin American origins, and then I designed colors that would evoke the skies where I grew up as bright galaxies and constellations.

The explosive success of Therese Chocolate Art was immediate, I knew that I had found my way, I knew that from heaven my mother watched proudly as her inspiration made me find happiness. The determination of a unique job motivates me, and the spirit of my mother moves my soul and heart, so I hope as she reaches millions of people to enjoy one of the noblest products of nature, cocoa, always respecting the environment. environment and tending to a circular system to support the physical and spiritual well-being of all my clients.


“Make people happy, enjoying a healthy and delicious chocolate.”.

“From The Taste Of Origin to be an honest company close to our community allowing all people to enjoy a memorable and beautiful experience together with the benefits and nobleness of cocoa as a superfood, with innovative flavors, organic, healthy and functional ingredients. With a firm commitment to our values and principles of sustainability, respect for the environment and fairtrade throughout our supply chain.”.

Fairtrade in our supply chain
Our packaging does not use plastic
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